Technology – The Flowing River

There was a time that we all felt like we could keep up with Technology.  We purchased a piece of software, learned to use it, and it was available to us for many years.  Some people actually felt like they became experts in select software or hardware.  They had the time to learn it really well before the next version of it came out.  And, even when the next version did come out, it was not so different that they couldn’t adapt very quickly to it.  This is not true anymore.

Technology is changing faster than any individual (or even a tech team) can keep up with.  The minute we think we know something about any piece of software, app, plug-in, … it has an update that completely changes everything.  Sometimes we find that it is so drastic that it’s like starting over.  It is clearly no longer the case that anyone can become an expert in any technology.  It changes too fast!

What does this all mean to the common person…?  It means that we all will need to become more adaptable.  We will need to realize that anything we use today, may be different tomorrow.  We can’t feel like we can take the time to get used to anything we use.  We just need to get our mind-set to understand that each time we go to look at out computers, tablets, phones and other devices, that it is likely that an update has changed where that “icon” is or the function we loved so much has now been moved, replaced, or gotten rid of.  We all need to be more adaptable – and that isn’t easy.

The younger generations are growing up with this sort of change and they are much more adaptable than even those people who are middle-aged and grew up with the advent of computers.  Kids today don’t care what they click on.  They don’t care if it crashes because it’ll probably be fixed tomorrow or they’ll move onto something else.  They try whatever they want and move from platform to platform, software to software…  It’s like candy to them.  The rest of us struggle to stay calm when Facebook updates and we can’t find where the heck they put the pictures tab or they’ve changed how the whole page displays.  It’s crazy how fast it is moving and once again, we all need to begin adapting to it!

So, what can we all do about it.  Nothing.  We need to stay calm…  We need to find help from people who are more flexible than ourselves so that when it changes or breaks, we have someone to ask.  We need to get used to it and allow ourselves to be frustrated.  We need to take it less seriously even when it is totally serious…  Technology is a flowing river…


[Written by Joe Bodin of Reliable Web Designs]

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