Using the Web for Small Business

Joe Bodin, Website DesignerLast night, I had the pleasure of lecturing to an extremely involved groups of “potential” business owners.  I was asked to talk by the Basic Business Empowerment Program that is through Coconino County.  Since this was directed at people who are startups, I decided to do a lecture on “Using the Web for Small Business” that was an overview of the things a small business owner should be considering as they move into the Internet world.

The beginning part of the lecture covers “The 5 Steps to Getting and Maintaining a Website” which is pretty much what I start with for all of my new potential clients and is the highlight on the homepage of my website (  I then proceeded onto lots of tips and tricks revolving around Social Media.

The lecture itself was only supposed to be about 45 minutes to an hour, but the overwhelming amount of questions pushed it to over 2 hours.  It was a great group.  Each one had an idea of what business they wanted to start or was already starting.  They ranged from creating a Taco Truck to a Dessert Bar to a Fringe Gay Bar to Software Development, etc…  There was even one who is currently running a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Shop.  The energy was awesome!

I was very impressed with their questions and also the structure of the program itself.  So, if you are looking to start your own business, I’d recommend contacting them (see the info below).  The program is all about formulating a business plan, learning from key community lecturers about small business, and helping you move forward to your dream.


Joe Bodin

 For more information on this great business start-up program:

Basic Business Empowerment Program
Contact:  Kim Crugnale, M.A.
2625 N King Street, Flagstaff
(928) 679-7458

Here’s my slide presentation of the lecture:

Using the Web for your Small Business
(A presentation by Joe Bodin of Reliable Web Designs)

Flagstaff Technical Talk & Computer Lecture
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