The End of Flag Tech Talk | Thank You

Joe Bodin, Website DesignerDear Tech Talk Supporters:

After five years of doing Flag Tech Talk, we have decided that it is time to close down our lecture series.

We had an awesome run of informative lectures that not only do with think were great educational talks for our community, but that we also enjoyed immensely.  We covered a wide range of technical and business topics from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to all sorts of Tech Tips to help small business owners succeed.  The “lectures” were always meant to be “discussions” that allowed not only us to present a topic, but also for the audience to put in their two cents about what they knew and had learned too.  This allowed us “the experts” to also learn a ton of things from you!

The whole concept of “Lectures for Regular People…”
with “No Techno-Babble Allowed” stood true the whole time!

With all that said, this past month Bret Carpenter left Flagstaff in search of new adventures.  He was my partner in crime on the lecture series, and without him it seems impossible to consider continuing them.  I considered it because I love to teach and I loved doing them, but without his camaraderie and support, it lost some of the interest for me.  Having one of my best friends doing the programs with me, allowed me to spend time with him, be creative with him, …  I will miss him greatly and through it all have realized that it was time to stop the lecture series.

So, I’d like to say, “THANK YOU’ to all of you that attended and supported the Flag Tech Talk lecture series.  Maybe someday I’ll get inspired to start something like it again, but for now… it’s time to move on to different adventures for me as well.  I’m sure you’ll see me doing something in town…  If you see me, don’t forget to say, “Hi!”


Joe Bodin


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