No More Monthly Lectures | Working on a New Plan

It is with some regret that we have decided to cancel the monthly lecture series.  We aren’t completely closing down Flag Tech Talk because we are still passionate about what we have been doing.  But, after over five years of doing monthly lectures, we decided it was becoming a little stale and burdensome.  So, there will no longer be lectures at Bookmans each month.

Joe Bodin, Website DesignerWe’d like to thank Bookmans for being an awesome partner and providing their cafe to us for all of this time!  And, we’d like to say, “Thank You” to our audience who have come to learn, discuss, and teach us about technical ideas.

Changed – Not Over

To replace the monthly lecture series, we are in the beginning stages of planning a few more ornate events.  We hope to have some more social and technical programs that we do a few times a year that are more SPECIAL EVENTS than regular lectures.  It is our plan to start looking at our first one of these in April, but we are just at the beginning stages of planning.

Please stand by as we recreate Flag Tech Talk.



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