Tony Nester

Tony Nester, Author and Survival InstructorTony Nester of Ancient Pathways Survival School and Author/JT Sawyer

Tony is an author and survival instructor who spoke about his experiences in the indie-publishing industry and marketing methods for authors. We brought him in to get aspiring authors to learn not only how to write, but to get it out there in today’s electronic world.

First Wave, Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novels by JT SawyerIn his lecture entitled “Self-Publishing Tips & Tricks”, Tony discussed the pros and cons of selling directly through Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and many other digital platforms. He also talked about tips that he has learned to make your electronic books stand out in the vast online publishing world.

Tony Nester is the author of the bestselling Practical Survival Series as well as a successful fiction author of the First Wave Series (aka JT Sawyer, writing Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novels).

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