Sara Troyer

Sara Troyer, Marketing Manager at Maricopa Center for EntrepreneurshipSara Troyer from the Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship

We had Sara come in and talk with us about “Google Apps”.  It was a big hit.  She delved into lots of the ins-and-outs of the different options that Google gives us.  Most of the things she showed us were either free or extremely inexpensive.  We did a lot of exploring into Gmail and how to get your Domain Name email working through their system.  We then moved onto Google Calendar including settings on how to integrate your Gmail events right into the calendar, how to link/share your calendars with others (like family or business associates), and some of the gadgets or widgets that can be added.  After that we discuss some great uses of Google Drive.  She was really interactive with our audience and extremely positive.  We’ll have to have her back!

Sara Troyer is the Marketing Manager & Executive Assistant at Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship. She is a long time resident of the City of Maricopa. She is a graduate of Maricopa High School, former CEO of Maricopa DECA, a Finance and Accounting student at Southern New Hampshire University, and a growing small business owner.

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