Mike Russell

Mike RussellMike Russell of the Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau and Mikerdzign

Mike came to our Flag Tech Talk’s and enjoyed them so much that he discussed the idea of being a guest lecturer. He is a Graphic Designer by trade and at first we discussed that this would be the angle he’d talk about. After all, he is a Graphic Designer for the Flagstaff CVB which handles most of the visual tourism for our community and he also runs his own Graphic Design firm. But, after talking a little bit, it became evident that he has a passion for “Twitter” and “InstaGram”. Our audience simply loved the topics and we hope to have him back soon.

Mike Russell is currently a contributor to the Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau Twitter account @VisitFlagstaff. He also Tweets for Flagstaff Communicators (a local Marketing and Networking organization) @Flagstaff_Comm. And, you can find him Tweeting personally @Mikerdzign. He also maintains a Flagstaff List on Twitter “my-flagstaff” and has helped promote and participate in some of the many first Tweet-ups in Flagstaff. He is an avid supporter of being involved on Twitter and using the medium to market your business!

For more information about Mike, go to www.mikerdzign.com (Mikerdzign) or www.flagstaffarizona.org (Flagstaff CVB).

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